Welcome to PrintSpeak, the one-stop information shop for the UK print industry.

PrintSpeak is a unique resource - an online daily magazine and Directory dedicated to printing equipment and consumables. Free to use for UK printers, at its heart is the Directory - a fully-featured product comparator that enables printers to check and compare the specifications of printing products, from platesetters to poly-wrappers and everything in between. In a market where printers are squeezed on time and margins, and the right equipment is often the difference between profit and loss, PrintSpeak is a highly valuable tool.

PrintSpeak also carries a daily turnover of news, a thought-provoking editorial column, and a video library, SpeakAbout. All editorial is archived after publishing, building an in-depth, searchable knowledge-base for printers. And as the site builds, we'll be extending our media mix further - putting information into formats suitable for busy printers.

As an industry supplier, you can benefit from appearing on PrintSpeak:

  • Online 24/7 access to your product information - so it's always up-to-date. Or use our data entry service so we do the spadework for you
  • 'Level playing field' - inclusion in buying decision longlists for lesser-known parts of your product range
  • Robust sales leads: printers filter out unsuitable products, making for high-conversion leads
  • Unique, engaging channels to address customers and communicate key product benefits
  • Detailed, sophisticated hit-rate data for campaign planning and analysis

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